Great Weekend at the Academy

The weekend of 14th and 15th July was a huge success at the Academy.

On Saturday the 14th as well as regular classes held throughout the day the afternoon saw the gradings for the Little Ninja and Junior Budo students. These gradings are held every three months and are getting better and better with every events. 29 students took to the floor to test for their next belt level, including our Junior Black Belts who performed a demo as part of their test to over 70 friends and family of the students participating. Congratulations to all those who tested and passed their next rank. On the 28th July 3 students will be taking their Junior Black Belt test, more details to follow.

On the Sunday, it was the time of the Adult Budo students to take part in a workshop which included a pre Black Belt test. This is the first time that the academy has run a pre test, and from the comments received has been a success. Massive thanks goes out to 4th Dan Chris Bentley for helping with the teaching throughout the day. This October will see the largest ever Adult Black Belt Grading Day. Three months left now to polish up on techniques and ensure the mind and body are ready.

Again thanks to all the instructors and students of the Academy who make these kinds of weekends possible. Without you none of this would be possible or worthwhile.

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